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Pistachio Roasting Machine

Pistachio nutrition facts; Wonderfully delicious pistachio nuts have long been cherished as the symbol of wellness and robust health since ancient times. The kernels are enriched with many health-benefiting nutrients essential for the optimum health. Pistachio is a tree nut obtained from fruits belonging to the Anacardiaceae family, of the genus: Pistacia. The plant is a medium-sized, broad, bushy, deciduous tree, believed to have originated in the mountain ranges of West-Asia and Turkey region (Anatolia). Male and female trees (dioecious) grow separately. Several cultivars exist; however, the most popular variety grown for the commercial purposes is Kerman cultivar which is one of the tastiest and best quality pistachios coming from the Kerman region of Iran. Pistachios grow well under hot, dry summer and cool winters. twinoroasters.com They are currently being cultivated on a larger scale in the USA, Iran, Syria, Turkey, and China. After plantation, it takes approximately eight to ten years until the plant produces its first major crop. Once established, it keeps bearing fruits for many years to come. There are 2 different sorts of oven for pistachio. First one is drum roaster that rotate roasting machine. Second one is crawler roasting machine in an other words continuous roasting machine. There are significantly other ways to roast such, salted, or sweetened, just as in macadamia and peanuts. Pistachios are nutty but also pleasantly sweet in taste with a fruity aroma. People who roast pictachios may try other ways to roast with different recipes. Pistachios can ve roasted with salt and unsalted. According the machine, process can be changed. If pistachios roasting in the drum roaster ( batch ), process will be within salt. This process will begin after salt heated. Belt type of roasters are different than the drum ( batch ) roaster. There are various of ways to season and sauce pistachios on this process. Pistachios can be salted, seasoned, sauced, mixed with various of liquid solution such as saffran etc.. After that, roasting process will be began.